Alexandra Lewis
VP and Publishing Director of Cider Mill Press Book Publishers

“Brittany's exceptional attention to detail makes her a gifted proofreader, with a true knack for catching the minutest typos, grammatical mistakes, factual errors, and even design inconsistencies that most seasoned proofers overlook. Deadline-driven and a consummate professional, Brittany has a proven track record with every genre from cookbooks to children's books to parenting manuals. Her dedication to quality control is unmatched.”


Cynthia Copeland
New York Times bestselling author

“Brittany Wason is a top-notch, detail-oriented editor (who is also a lovely person). Brittany is utterly unflappable and easily manages many projects at once, anticipating issues even before they arise and communicating with authors at every stage. She is an absolute gem. I would recommend her without hesitation for any project.”


Shane Carley
Author, The Home Bartender, Red Cup Nation, The Mason Jar Cocktail Companion

“Brittany is exactly the sort of manager that any writer loves to work with. On top of everything, but not a micromanager. Focused on the details, but not lost in them. Able to see the big picture, but not overwhelmed by it. Working with Brittany, I know that if I let something slip through the cracks she will absolutely be there to catch it.”